Earn Your Way

Summer 2022 Practice Pledge!

Brazos Music, the parent organization that brings you the TexStrings All-State Camp you know and love, invites you to join our inaugural Summer Practice Pledge fundraiser.

Think of it like a virtual race or walk-a-thon. Students commit to practicing for a particular amount of time over the summer and seek sponsors to help send them to camp! Students can commit to practicing a certain amount every day or commit to a total number of hours practiced by June 30th. 

By raising funds, students can earn their tuition for All-State, Houston Fiddle Week, or any other Brazos Program while giving back to their community by supporting the mission of Brazos Music. In addition to raising funds to attend camp, donations will help Brazos Music launch new programs including 1) a scholarship fund for all Brazos Music related camps and programs including TexStrings All-State Camp, Houston Fiddle Week, and Houston Orchestra For All and  2) Provide Region/All-State events during the school year. 

All donations made to Brazos Music are tax deductible and will go towards advancing the mission of the organization and developing year round programming in 2022-2023.


  • Raise $500 earn $200 Brazos Bucks that you can apply towards any Brazos Music program
  • Raise $1,000 earn an additional $200 in Brazos Bucks  plus previous tier rewards
  • Raise $2,500 to earn a new set of strings plus previous tier awards ($400 Brazos Bucks)
  • Raise $5,000 earn an arcos brasil bow worth up to $1250 plus previous tier rewards ($400 Brazos Bucks, new set of strings)
  • Raise $10,000 earn an upgraded Arcos Brasil bow worth up to $3000 plus previous tier rewards* ($400 Brazos Bucks, new set of strings)
  • Raise $25,000+ earn an entry into a drawing for the Grand Prize: $5,000 Brazos Music Scholarship, plus previous tier rewards* ($400 Brazos Bucks, new set of strings, and an Arcos Brasil bow worth up to $3000)

Want to Learn More?

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to participate in this year’s fundraiser!

*Incentive tiers $10,000 and above include only the upgraded arcos basil bow worth up to $3000